REPORT: FOX Targeting Cowboys TE Jason Witten for TNF Analyst Position

​Jason Witten is playing in 2018, right?

Well, that’s what he said after the Pro Bowl, but one can never be so sure. There were rumors months ago that he was a candidate for the ​Tennessee Volunteers head coaching job, which obviously would have ended his playing career.

Now, there are broadcasting rumors. Will he pull a Tony Romo?

FOX wants Witten to join the Thursday Night Football broadcasting crew after the network secured the rights to TNF on a gigantic deal with the NFL. We can’t imagine this not piquing Witten’s interest. Why not call it quits a year early and go earn even more money sitting in a booth and talking about the game?

Romo did it, and while that was due to a different circumstance in the emergence of Dak Prescott, Witten could and should consider it due to the flaws that were exposed in the Cowboys offense last year. Does he really want to spend another year on the field doing that?

Cowboys fans DEFINITELY do not want this to happen given Witten has been one of the best tight ends to ever step on the field, but everything must come to an end, whether it’s now or at the end of the 2018 season.