Two Patriots Receive Pay Raises for 2018

​With the start of the new league year just days away, the NFL revealed that the salary cap for the 2018 season will increase to $177.2 million.

Given the new threshold, some players with performance incentives in their contracts will be getting a significant pay bumps. Two of those players ply their trade for the defending AFC champion New England Patriots.

Defensive end Trey Flowers and right guard Shaq Mason will receive an extra $1.097 million each.

​​The salary jump is due to the fact that both Flowers and Mason were fourth-round draft picks, which qualifies them for “proven performance escalators.” Before the increase in the salary cap, both were originally scheduled to make an extra $705,000.

What makes this even more impressive is that both guys will make up half of the $4.415 million performance escalator total the Patriots will give out across the entire roster.

Flowers and Mason have both exceeded expectations, and just like in any other job, exceptional work leads to a better take-home. And this time next year, they could be due for even more– both players are scheduled to become free agents following the 2018 season.