Kirk Cousins To Sign With The Vikings By Thursday

The National Football League filled headlines across the country past season, and it’s time for huge changes. It’s more than certain that this may be a magical season. How do we know this? The NFL’s free agency season is already decorated with a few great names in many positions. However, everyone is super excited to hear more of Kirk Cousins. Experts say he will be the highest-paid star in the league once he signs the deal.

The list is more than thrilling. It has been reanalyzed over and over again, and now we have the Minnesota Vikings frontrunner in the game. The list of suitors was fitted and suited in multiple occasions, and now teams are expected to submit their final decisions any time now. However, Cousins decided to give us the good news long before the official decision was made.

“The #Vikings have been considered to be in the driver’s seat for Kirk Cousins and that hasn’t changed (yet). The expectation is he takes at least 1 — maybe 2 — visits before signing. Cousins doesn’t want to be Brock Osweiler & end up in a bad fit,” Ian Rapoport tweeted. “Kirk Cousins may be close to a deal over the next few days. But he won’t finalize anything until he meets with coaches & others. That means Wednesday or more likely Thursday for a final decision,” he added.

Let’s not forget that Cousins isn’t one of those guys who are just trying to earn some money. He is a challenger; the one you see winning championships. Yes, Cousins is that amazing.

Keep in mind that GM Rick Spielman and Mike Zimmer have aroung $47 million to play with before the big gam starts.