LeBron James Threw Shade At Cleveland Cavaliers

We’ve heard a lot about LeBron James and his free agency. Fans were speculating over the possibility that he joins the Warriors, but some believe that he may become part of another team. Regardless of what he decides, Cleveland Cavaliers didn’t get good news. LeBron actually threw shade at the team with his latest comments.

Things got steaming hot during Sunday night’s game, and reporters wanted to know more about LeBron’s opinion over the Cavs. In other words, they wanted to know if LeBron approves the way things develop. “You don’t know, I mean, you don’t know,” LeBron said. Yes, this was his answer to the question if the Cavs are headed in the right direction.

Is this good for the Cavs? Absolutely not. Things don’t look too bright for the team, and it seems like everything has gone downhill. Maybe they made a mistake by trading away Kyrie Irving. What would’ve happened if Kyrie stayed?

Cavs’ fans are slightly disappointed in their favorite team. LeBron’s comments made the situation even worse. We bet that the Cavs are looking for a solution to their current situation. After all, they lost a big deal this time, and LeBron threw the last rock.