Neil Walker Signs 1-year Deal With The Yankees

Neil Walker will have another successful season, and he has already signed a one-year deal with the Yankees. The contract is worth $4 million, and it would spice up Walker’s career. Experts agree that this would be the best lineup ever, and players could definitely use Walker’s skills.

“This is a really talented group. That’s one thing you’re happy about as a player, to have that opportunity to get to the playoffs and a World Series. You look around here and there’s arguably the best group of guys that there is in the league. I’m excited to be part of this whole process,” Walker said.

General manager Brian Cashman unveiled that the player will take first, second and third base. The 32-year-old player did well on these positions last year. Walker arrived late and the game depends on other players, including Tyler Wade. So, Walker may not get a starting role.

“If he takes something from somebody over time, so be it, but he’s getting a late start given the fact that we’re probably about two weeks away from leaving Florida. We’re excited to have him. It certainly wasn’t part of our game plan at first, but it was something we couldn’t ignore when the opportunity still existed. I’m happy he picked us,” Cashman explained.

It seems like Wade isn’t shocked by the fact of having another challenger next to him. “I’m glad we got him. It’s a big bat, big power. Switch-hitter, too, so he adds versatility and he plays all over. I’m excited we got him. … I’m not worried about it. If I continue to play my game, I’ll be all right,” he said.

The Yankees were interested in Walker since the previous Trade Deadline.