Rick Zamperin Announces The Year Of Raptors

If by any chance you didn’t know, it’s the year of Raptors. At least that’s what predictors say. The Toronto Raptors may actually break the record for wins in a single season. There are 16 games remaining in the team’s schedule, and things are looking more than bright for the Raptors. Oh, this will be a nice season. We can feel it.

The Raptors aimed towards the three-game road trip on Sunday afternoon, and smashed the New York Knicks with an excellent score. Does 132-106 sound good enough to you?

This happened right after Toronto beat up the Rockets at the Air Canada Center, and put an end to Houston’s winning tradition. There were a few stories of how players would fail a big deal, but it was just a fake prognosis.

Toronto had its eight straight victory. The Raptors won for the 15th time in a row.

The Raptors hold the record of 49017, and are much better than Boston Celtics. The team is going straight towards another major victory, and we’re looking forward to another success.

Toronto had its record two seasons ago. The Raptors need 8 great games to break the old record.

We’ll enjoy the game and watch the Raptors win them all.