Timeout: Magic Johnson Visited LeBron’s Agent In The Midst Of Sunday’s Game

The National Basketball Association season is blooming, and everybody is pretty interested in Lebron James’ impending free agency. This would be a hit for quite some time, and we are looking forward to the further development of events.

Sources reveal spicy info about LeBron’s future in the NBA, and things got tight after the star made his famous announcement. LeBron claimed to have narrowed his options to four choices. Will he join the Cavaliers? Many say he may actually become part of the Lakers. Let’s just wait and see what happens next. Who knows, maybe he will sign for the Rockets after all. Or the 76ers? Ricky one, right?

Some believe that LeBron has already made up his mind, and the Lakers are rumored to be his top choice. That exactly how people reacted to Magic Johnson’s visit to the Sunday’s game between the Lakers and the Cavs.

Lakers’ President of Basketball Operations met with Rich Paul and Maverick Carter. This happened at the very same point at which the Lakers led the game. Johnson is a close friend to LeBron’s agent and business manager, and we’re pretty sure that the trio knows a lot about LeBron’s next move.

Will Johnson manage to take LeBron away from his hometown team?