Top 7 One-Hit MLB Wonders

We’ve all heard of one-hit singers, but one-hit wonders are present in every branch of entertainment. This leads us straight to MLB stars and their short-term careers. Yes, some athletes are absolute winners in a single season and that’s pretty much everything they have accomplished.
In 2010, Brian Wilson saved 48 games and managed to strike out 93 batters in 74.2 innings. His ERA was 1.81 in 2010, and Wilson managed to close out the World Series. Wilson became an instant icon, and fans praised his wit and zany attitude.
Believe it or not, Everth Cabrera was an All-Star. In 2013, Cabrera hit .283 and managed to steal 37 bases. Other athletes may not find this fancy, but this was definitely the best season for Cabrera.
Domonic Brown had a good season in 2013, too. This was the only season he ruled in. Brown hit 27 home runs and drove in 83 runs. The athlete is now a free agent, and there isn’t much hope about his career above Triple-A.
2014 was amazing for Jenrry Mejia. He is the first player to get a lifetime ban for PED use in the baseball league. Mejia marked a 2.73 ERA in 56 games, and struck out 60 batters. He put an end to the season with 28 saves.
Mike Jacobs was a one-hit wonder, too. His short-lived career surprised us all. Jacobs had 32 bombs and 93 runs. He was later traded to the Royals.
Logan Morrison was amazing in 2017. He drove in 85 runs and hit 38 home runs.
Jair Jurrjens had his miracle in 2011. He had a 2.96 ERA and actually went 13-6.