Video: Tom Brady Shaves Head To Raise Money For Cancer Research

Tom Brady attracted everyone’s attention on Thursday morning after he was caught “lacking hair.” Yes, you read that right. Tom joined the group of thousand people who decided to shave off their hair for a cancer research fundraiser.

Cancer is the plague of modern times, and Brady did the right move.

Granite hosted the annual Saving by Shaving event set to raise money for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Brady turned out to be the “mystery guest,” and Gov. Charlie Baker, Red Sox President Sam Kennedy and many others joined him.

Did you watch his video on Instagram? Brady did a live video, and the crowd went crazy. This was much more than just changing your hairstyle. Brady did something to raise general awareness, and also helped raising money for the cancer research.

Let’s not forget that Saving by Shaving raises millions each year. This is its fifth year, and the event has already raised more than $7 million.

Rob Gronkowski is another Patriot who decided to shave it off. He took part of the “Buzz Off” at Gillette Stadium, an event that helps raising awareness and money for pediatric cancer research.

We really hope that other celebrities will follow Brady’s footsteps, and support the anticancer movement.