Watch LeBron’s Ridiculous Travel

LeBron James is always put in the same sentence with words like “excellent,” “game,” and “victory.” The King has given us so many surprises, and it seemed like he would always give his best shot. But, some of his travels were more than surprising. In a bad way. Can you believe that the great LeBron was called for the terrible violations? Yes, this could happen to top talents, too.
This one will probably be one of the most ridiculous LeBron travels you’d ever see. LeBron had a bad travel during Sunday’s game against the Lakers.
He thought the insane no-look pass was the way to go, and fans didn’t hide their excitement. But, someone actually noticed that LeBron walked with the basketball. Things like this don’t go unnoticed.
This isn’t a runway, LeBron. Some even suggested that he reads the rules again, and learns that nobody is above the law.
How could LeBron even think that his violation will go unnoticed? Fans praised the King, but some of them were just disappointed.
How will things develop in near future? Maybe LeBron will head to his next team. Is ‘free agency’ even an option?
We’re pretty excited to see how will LeBron arrange his next game.