Kirk Cousins Gives Aaron Rodgers A Chance To Win Big Contract

Teams are willing to give away too many millions to ‘cost-effective’ players. But, sometimes teammates actually help each other, and that’s exactly what happened to Aaron Rodgers. Let’s go with Kirk Cousins first.

Cousins is expected to earn a nice three-year contract from the Minnesota Vikings. That’s good news for Cousins, and a few teams really wanted to have him playing throughout the season. Cousins’ deal had a huge effect on the millions quarterbacks receive.

“Kirk Cousins plans to sign a three-year, fully-guaranteed contract from the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday, sources tell ESPN,” Adam Schefter tweeted.
This is great for Aaron Rodgers. The Packers are already planning a brand new contract for the superstar quarterback, and Green Bay will have a problem once Cousins signs the contract. If Cousins gets all those millions, Rodgers will get much more for his accomplishments. He has at least five awesome years left. Maybe $115 million is a good deal.
Rodgers is still stuck in the middle of his current deal, but he will be a free agent in 2020. Let’s not forget that the Packers want to sign him for life. Is this good news for Rodgers? Who knows… Maybe if Rodgers will remain a Packer forever if the team gives him the money he deserves.