Nate Soldiers Signs With Giants

The Giants were desperately trying to boost their offensive line, and fans are waiting for a miracle to happen. Well, it did happen, and the Giants seem to have done a good job. The Giants were looking for something big, and guess what… They found it. Experts would say that the Giants actually stole Tom Brady’s favorite ‘toys.’ Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking of.

Do you know that Nate Solder is on his way to New York?

“The #Giants are expected to sign former #Patriots LT Nate Solder, source said. They get their franchise left tackle. Huge get,” Ian Rapoport tweeted.

Solder, 29, was given a huge role in 2011. He’s been holding tight onto that position, and experts recognize him as one of the best protectors. Unfortunately, Solder tore his bicep in 2016. This didn’t stop him from becoming huge, and he started 31 of 32 games in two Super Bowl trip seasons. Seems too good to be true, right?

The Giants needed someone like Solder to boost their line. The team needed a better stability, and the signing of Solder was the right way to go. This is a huge deal for Solder, and Patriots will definitely miss his skill. We know that he will get a healthy bunch of millions for signing with the Giants.

“Nate Solder is going to be the new highest-paid left tackle in the league with this deal from the Giants. Waiting on exact numbers,” Mike Garafolo tweeted.

“Giants are expected to give former Patriots’ LT Nate Solder a four-year, $60 million deal, per source,” Adam Schefter has the numbers for you.

Let’s leave numbers aside. This contract is of huge importance for the Giants, and we can just wait and see what happens next. The Giants won a big deal, and this would definitely change the course of the ‘game.’