The Browns Run For Cover: Nate Solder May Replace Joe Thomas

Joe Thomas is the type of person that you can’t replace with ease. The Browns actually owe him the great success they have enjoyed for over a decade. Thomas is an all-time favorite, and let’s not forget that he’s a 10-time Pro Bowler. Does “six-time” All-Pro seem good enough to you? Thomas is also considered the owner of the longest snap streak in the NFL.

Thomas is actually the pillar of the organization, and Cleveland is still struggling to find a suitable replacement. Does life after Thomas really exist? I don’t think so.

Yes, we’re talking about replacement, because Thomas may retire any time now. Rumors of his retirement has already filled headlines, and let’s be honest, it’s something we can see coming.

Replacing Joe Thomas will be quite a challenge. The Browns are thinking of stealing Nate Solder. Will New England allow this? What’s more important, will Solder be able to replace Thomas? Solder is a good player, and we believe that the Patriots will do their best to re-sign him. But, the Browns have more money for free agency plans, and maybe this will make Solder change his mind.

Let’s just wait for Thomas’ announcement of his retirement.