Top 8 Overrated Pitchers To Enter 2018

Pitchers are quite a catch in the MLB, and these characters actually bring most of the fame in the team. But, the practice of adding pitchers resulted in a bunch of ‘side effects.’ Yes, fans are sometimes overrating them. We give you the top 8 overrated pitchers to enter 2018.

Sonny Gray is still considered an icon, despite the fact that he hasn’t had a good season for two years. Yes, he’s a good player, but his career probably needs an extra kick.

Chris Archer is constantly overrated mostly due to his strikeout number. He’s a successful pitcher, but his ERA was always higher than 4.00. He’s often misinterpreted for an ace, and people should really stop doing that.

Aaron Nola is sometimes considered as a borderline ace, but truth is slightly different. He never gained such success, and hasn’t even reached his full potential yet.

Aroldis Chapman hasn’t been an All-Star for two years, and last season was devastating for his career. He may be a good reliever, but that’s as high as he can get.

Jose Quintana belongs to this list just because of his team-friendly deal. Fans are convinced that he is better than he actually is. That’s bad.

Andrew Cashner has a two-year contract worth $16 million. But, this doesn’t change the fact that his pitch velocity has started declining.

John Lester is already entering a decline, and fans should just chill out with their bragging over his capacity.

Gerrit Cole did a good job in one single season. That’s it.