Danny Amendola and Smoking Hot GF Olivia Culpo Appear to Have Broken Up

​It looks like going from the Patriots to the Dolphins wasn’t the only downgrade Danny Amendola experienced this offseason.

While the shifty slot receiver is quite impressive on the gridiron, fans believe his greatest work is ​off the field with his girlfriend Olivia Culpo. After all, dating a beautiful model definitely has its perks.

Clearly something went awry in their relationship, as Amendola and Culpo seem to be done with their relationship.

Although all of the reports sound like speculation, Amendola has made some suspicious moves on social media. Not only did he delete his pictures with Culpo on Instagram, but he also unfollowed her as well.

Well, there’s one more model now on the open market.

Regardless of what caused this breakup to happen, not having Culpo by his side for​ huge moments in his career will probably sting.

The 2018 offseason has been kind to many players, but Amendola isn’t one of them.