Giants Asking Price For Odell Beckham Has Been Revealed

Odell Beckham Jr. is not on the trade block according to New York Giants co-owner John Mara, but a league source has revealed to ESPN they have set an asking price for NFL teams calling them about the star wide receiver.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports the Giants have asked for at least two first-round picks in return for Beckham, according to the league source tells ESPN. As Schefter points out, this doesn’t mean the Giants will get what they desire in a trade and it also doesn’t mean they will end up trading him if offered a deal that features at least two first-round draft picks.

Schefter’s report goes against what Giants co-owner John Mara said on Tuesday evening. After more than 24 hours of speculation formulated from multiple anonymous sources about Beckham’s intentions to hold out if not given a new contract and about the Giants dangling their star receiver in trade talks, Mara dropped the hammer on these anonymous reports.

“He’s not on the block,” Mara said on Tuesday evening, outside the Ritz-Carlton hotel at the NFL’s annual owners’ meetings, via SNY. “Is that going to stop clubs from possibly calling us? No. But he’s not on the block. We’re not shopping him around.

Mara confirmed that the only player who was technically “untradeable” on the roster is left tackle Nate Solder due to the dead salary cap ramifications of moving on from him after he signed a massive four-year, $62 million deal earlier this month.

“We’re not looking to get rid of him, OK?” Mara said. “I’d like him to be a Giant. But if you’re asking me for a 100 percent guarantee, nobody has that-except maybe Nate Solder because we couldn’t afford the appreciation (on his newly-signed four-year, $62 million contract).”

Mara claims the story has taken its own legs and created a stir on social media and outside of the organization. There hasn’t been much talk about the rumor inside the Giants’ organization. This statement aligns with what general manager Dave Gettleman told the media earlier on Tuesday when he relayed that neither Beckham himself or his agent have said a word to the Giants about the anonymously-sourced reports.

Mara also added that he is not going hang up the phone if another team calls them about trading for Beckham and blows them away with an offer they can’t refuse.

“There’s no harm in having people call.

“It’s certainly a conversation we would have to have if somebody overwhelmed us,” Mara said. “Yes.”

Mara then dropped one final hammer on the rumor that never made any sense in the first place.

“I don’t how much more clearly I can say it,” he said. “I don’t want him to be traded. I want him to be a Giant. But I can’t sit here and tell you that it is 100 percent guarantee that that’s going to happen. I can’t say that about any player-except Nate Solder.”

Beckham is expected to report to the start of the Giants offseason workouts on April 9th, according to head coach Pat Shurmur who confirmed this earlier on Tuesday at the owners meetings. Beckham will not participate in the start of the offseason program until he is fully cleared from his ankle injury.