Tom Brady Surprises His Fan For Her 106th Birthday, And It’s Amazing!

A 105-year-old Boston woman received a special early birthday message from her favorite New England Patriots player, quarterback Tom Brady.

Elinor Downs, a soon-to-be 106-year-old resident at Springhouse Senior Living Community, had recorded a home video requesting a visit from Brady for her special day — knowing he and his family live right down the street.

Brady followed up with his own video to Downs, saying, “I’m really tied up in September, but I just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, and have a great year.”

“Hopefully I make it half that far,” Brady said, referring to her impressively long life. “That’s incredible.”

Downs laughed with surprised delight as she watched the personal message.

“Nice guy! You see, that’s the way I think of him — as just being a normal person like the rest of us.”

Downs, who earned the nickname “Fuzzy” for her fuzzy hair at birth, called herself a Patriots super fan. She was 48 years old when the Patriots first formed, and she said she’s watched all the games that Brady has played in.

In the meantime, Downs amicably agreed to settle for an offseason meet-and-greet with Brady, as well as a win against Kansas City on Thursday.

This tells a lot about Tom Brady!