Here’s The Interview With a 16-Year-Old LeBron James That Will Blow Your Mind

EVEN at the age of 16, LeBron James knew exactly where he wanted to be, and how to get there.

In this interview, given after one of three state championships he won at St Vincent — St Mary High School, LeBron gives an indication of his determination to make it to the top.

Asked: “As a 16-year-old, what it your long term goal?” James replies: “To get to the NBA” almost before the interviewer has finished speaking.

On how he avoided complacency when he was the No. 1 sophomore in the US, James said:

“Every day you’ve got to go out there and work because there’s someone out there working too — and if you stop, I think they can pass you up.”

“So every day my coaches push me, I push myself and my teammates push me.

“My mother brought me up real good and it’s pretty easy because of the way I was brought up and she taught me so much things besides basketball and I just hope that helps me be level-headed.”

Things have worked out as NBA great James had hoped.