REPORT: LeBron’s Wife Calling The Shots

Everyone loves Los Angeles. The beaches are beautiful, the skin is tan, and the weather is consistently amazing.

What else could a person want?

I don’t think anyone would say they prefer Cleveland to L.A. ​(except Drew Carey). Even LeBron James’ wife, Savannah, said she would prefer to live in L.A. full time.

The Score:

Report: LeBron’s wife would prefer to live in Los Angeles full time

This announcement stirs the pot a little bit, considering speculation that LeBron James will join the Lakers to “reinvent” his career after his contract with Cleveland ends. ​​

Business insider:

The chatter about LeBron James leaving the Cavs for the Lakers is growing

Now, whether James will make career decisions based on his wife’s input is a stretch, but a happy wife is a happy life, they say.

James could fit well in L.A., as he’s already created an enormous following around the world. Taking his talents out west could be the perfect way to end his career by literally riding off into the sunset.