Chris Paul Might Have Just Revealed LeBron’s Next Team

In what many are calling the biggest free-agency period of the last decade, a number of star free-agents are facing important decisions as July creeps closer.

LeBron James is the biggest domino to fall, and will likely determine what happens in the weeks following his decision. And as such, many are trying to predict where the 14x All-Star will land. Houston, Philly, and even New York have been linked as possible destinations… but according to a new report by ESPN’s Stephen A SmithChris Paul has already begun spilling the beans on where his friend LeBron would like to go, and it’s exactly what we’ve all been predicting:

Chris Paul has started telling people that LeBron James isn’t trying to come to Houston because he wants to be in Los Angeles.

The speculation regarding LeBron and LA has only grown since the offseason started. It makes sense, too, considering Los Angeles is a place where James can focus on lifestyle and basketball. At this point, it seems almost inevitable.