Flashback: Ten-Year-Old Patriots Fan’s Special Bond With Tom Brady

t’s always wonderful when someone gets the chance to meet their hero! And get their internal organs signed…

10-year-old terminal cancer patient Logan Schoenhardt‘s dreams came true when he met Tom Brady!

The young boy has battled brain tumors most of his life and is such a huge fan of the New England Patriots‘ QB that he had a unique request before a surgery earlier this year. The young man asked his doctor if he could have the NFLer’s No. 12 jersey number engraved on his skull!

The neurosurgeon at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center recalled the incident, telling ESPN:

“I walked in, and he said, ‘Would you engrave Tom Brady‘s jersey number on the side of my skull?’ This was the kid’s sixth brain surgery. [There] really wasn’t anything that was going to pose any additional risk to him, and given what I thought it might do for his morale, I said, ‘Why not?’ “

As soon as Tom heard about what Logan did, he sent the young man a shout-out video saying:

“I just want you to know I’ve heard about your incredible story, your incredible journey, and it’s amazing what you’ve fought through over the course of your life, and I’m a big fan of yours.”

Unfortunately, back in September, the 10-year-old’s tumor returned. Mom Jo Schoenhardt said:

“They said there’s nothing more that they are going to be able to do for us, for Logan.”

Knowing this, Logan created a bucket list of items that included things like going to Disney World, riding a motorcycle, and of course, meeting Tom freaking Brady for real!

A silver lining to this tragic news is, on December 3, Tom took time out of his busy schedule to meet Logan — they even high fived and the athlete signed a ball for his little fan!

Logan was dealing with recurrent high grade sarcoma in his skull. His story went viral because of his request to have Tom Brady’s No. 12 etched into his skull by doctors. His request was granted, and the Patriots went on to win the Super Bowl.

Before his death, Logan had the opportunity to meet Brady, who was named Super Bowl MVP for his performance in New England’s come-from-behind, overtime win against the Atlanta Falcons.

“Well, he’s a special young man,” Brady said after meeting Logan, per CBS Boston. “Just to have a chance to know his story has been very humbling and certainly gives me a lot of perspective — certainly all of us a lot of perspective — on the very difficult challenges a lot of families face, and what he’s faced. It’s very tough circumstances, but they’ve shown a lot of courage under some trying circumstances. It was great to get to get to meet him. … He’s a sweet, young boy.”

Logan’s family created a GoFundMe page and were able to raise $127,395 for the young boy’s medical expenses in only three months. His parents, aware that Logan was in his “final battle,” have a plan for any unused funds.

“In addition, Logan’s parents have a broader goal in mind: to create a non-profit organization that will help families in similar circumstances,” Josephine Schoenhardt wrote on the GoFundMe page. “The Schoenhardts have experienced first hand the emotional and financial stress that occur during a battle with a long-term illness. Their personal experiences will guide them as they turn toward helping others.”

Logan’s death puts a sobering touch on New England’s Super Bowl celebration, but Brady and his Patriots teammates will continue to reach out to less fortunate fans as long as they star in the NFL.