Rob Gronkowski Broke His Silence On Retirement Speculations

Anyone else itching for this offseason to be over? Or at least a beer to drown out the noise coming all around Patriot Place?

It’s been quite the headline-making (and headache inducing) offseason for New England with a wide array of storylines surrounding what seems to be each and every pivotal figure of this Patriot Dynasty over the last two decades. Things really kicked off with Rob Gronkowski mulling retirement after their loss in Super Bowl LII.

“I don’t know how you heard that, but I mean I’m definitely going to look at my future, for sure,” Gronkowski told reporters from a Minnesota podium. “I’m going to sit down in the next couple of weeks and see where I’m at.”

From there we had endless speculation of “will he or won’t he?” for nearly two months coupled with bizarre social media mix-messages and an awkward SuperCross presser before Gronk had a meeting with Bill Belichick to confirm that he’s returning.

But it didn’t end there.

Gronk’s absence from OTAs took over the front pages (along with Tom Brady) as did a brief moment where it looked like the tight end was going to traded. Ultimately, nothing came from those rumors and the tight end is reportedly closing in a new contract with the team.

With that saga seemingly in the rearview, we then had to hear all this blabbering about whether or not the Patriots are “fun.” Eagles lineman Lane Johnson called them a fear-based organization and ex-Pats linebacker Cassius Marsh spoke out about how much he hated his nine game stint here.

Out of all the drama that’s gone on this offseason with New England, this was by far the most comical. Yes, we all know Bill Belichick runs a tight ship, which is why they contend for decades.

The sky is also blue.

Then came the humdinger: Tom Brady’s future with Patriots and his relationship with Bill Belichick.

Now more than ever it looks like Brady’s thinking about retirement. Heck, he even recognized that when he spoke to Oprah saying it’ll happen “sooner rather than later.” There will be tons of clamoring and questioning about what’s going to happen with TB12 no matter what he teases in Spanish in ESPN’s Instagram comment section.

While things may be winding down in Foxboro with Brady and Belichick pretty close to the end of the back nine of their careers, there’s really no point simply pointing and screaming at the exit sign miles down the highway.

Enjoy the view before you get off.

It’s the first day of summer so this analogy seems fitting: There’s going to be plenty of firework shows over the next month. When you’re sitting there watching the various colors and exploding sounds takeover the night, you’re not sitting there thinking “Oh man, the end is near!” You’re just enjoying it for what it is, for however long it lasts.

Personally, Brady playing until 45 seems like a bit of a stretch (no matter what he comments), but instead of just bracing for the end to hit us like a ton a bricks, how about we just enjoy watching the greatest quarterback and greatest coach take the field and dominate for however much longer they do it for.

That’s the biggest lesson this offseason: Enjoy the ride because what we’re watching will likely never be replicated again.