Report: Former Patriots Player Was Just Arrested

Post-NFL life for cornerback Brandon Browner continues to be an 0dyssey filled with run-ins on the wrong side of law enforcement but this time, Browner actually landed himself some jail time in the process and reached a new low point where his life after football in concerned. According to TMZ Sports, Browner, 33, was arrested for battery and child endangerment in May and was later convicted after pleading no contest to the charges.

Per the report, he was sentenced to probation but later had to serve jail time when it was learned he violated his probation from a previous case and was sentenced to 60 days in jail; although he was only forced to serve two days due to overcrowding.

Browner found himself in trouble multiple times in 2017 that led to arrests. In May of 2017, he was arrested for being under the influence and in possession of a controlled substance, which TMZ reported as cocaine. A few months later, he was arrested again but on a felony charge for allegedly making criminal threats towards an unidentified woman. In 2016, Browner was investigated for allegedly assaulting the father of his child’s mother but he was never formally charged in the incident.

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The two-time Super Bowl champion finds himself on his third arrest and fourth investigation since his football career ended; although he didn’t officially retire until early 2017. Coincidentally, it was the team that put him on the map who gave him his last chance in the NFL — the Seattle Seahawks. They brought him for training camp in 2016 to fill the role Bradley McDougald eventually was given in 2017 as a safety who could also play nickel cornerback to guard bigger wide receivers and tight ends. Because of the emergence of Tyvis Powell that preseason, Browner was later cut in an effort to help him find work before the 2016 season. Instead, he remained a free agent and retired following the season.

Browner rose to fame in the NFL as one of the original members of the Legion of Boom, playing opposite of Richard Sherman in the Seahawks defense. After helping the franchise win its first Super Bowl in 2013, he left for the New England Patriots in 2014 where he unseated his former team in the now-infamous Super Bowl XLIX. In fact, his press coverage on the the game’s biggest play is credited with freeing up Malcolm Butler to make the game-deciding interception. Following that season, his career derailed with the New Orleans Saints after he led the league in penalties as starter on their defense in the 2015 season.

The retired cornerback has 218 career tackles, 55 pass deflections, 12 interceptions and three forced fumble.

Following the end of his seven-year NFL career, Browner has struggled to keep himself out of trouble and now has multiple arrests for violent behavior on his resume while being sentenced to probation at least twice in these proceedings. Clearly for all his on the field success, he hasn’t found what he needs outside of the football world and for the sake of himself and those around him, he needs to find that soon.

Before he makes a mistake, he can’t be saved from by overcrowding.

Source: 247sports